Restoring Order and Calm

We do not believe the events of last week portend a repeat of 2008, absent serious miscalculations of present circumstances.

March 2023

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Boomer’s Guide to Higher Interest Rates — Chapter II — What Happens When Equilibrium Approaches?

Slightly over a year ago, we shared our thoughts about what might happen as the world transitioned from essentially “free money” into a period of painful “catch-up” spurred by rapidly rising interest rates (see our Boomer’s Guide). We discussed how this period was likely to:

March 2023

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People and Purpose

For a combined 55 years, the two of us have been on an incredible journey working with all of you to build Jefferies.

February 2023

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Fiscal 2022 Was A Challenge, But We Would Rather Be Us

Yesterday was the end of Jefferies’ 2022 fiscal year, and today we start anew in 2023.

December 2022

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As Things Change in the World

The world has always been complex and difficult to predict and, as a result, often confusing.

November 2022

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Seven Lessons To Reflect Upon As Jefferies Turns 60 Years Young

Tomorrow, October 2, marks 60 years since Jefferies was founded essentially in a telephone booth at the Pacific Coast Stock Exchange by a person with boundless energy, vision and drive, Boyd Jefferies.

October 2022

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More Than Just Another Rah-Rah Note!

This has been a challenging and complex year for our clients, the capital markets, Jefferies and most, if not all, of us.

September 2022

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Inspiring Summer Intern Letters Kick Off Our August

On a monthly basis, the two of us do our best to write a note to all 5,000 of our partners about something that we believe is important, worthy of interpretation or further understanding, and topical. 

August 2022

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Thankful For A Merely "Yucky" Period

After over two years of living with Covid, the significant recent economic and capital markets challenges, and the many social and political issues around the world, it was no surprise that our firmwide Town Hall on Tuesday morning this week was laser-focused on how to cope and live in the current world.

July 2022

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Personal Decision

We have thought deeply these past few days about how to respond to the recent Supreme Court decision regarding women’s rights.

June 2022

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